Here at Pockies Underwear we recognize the value of great boxershorts. Not only do we wear them for the better half of our lives, they carry and protect our most precious assets. Therefore the average quality of most men’s underwear out there is inexcusable. It seems like most brands don’t give a rats ass about your penile condition. WE DO, and are aware that this sounds really weird. Our Boxershorts are fitted in such a way that you can sit on a couch without showing the world what you got. Yes I mean your balls won’t fall out. Besides its special fit, it’s all in the patterns. Classic, smooth, kinda hot and always simple. So it looks amazing and fits like a glove, but what else? Pockets Baby Yeayahh. This means the freedom of not wearing any pants while having the usability of those handy Pockets.

So if you decide to give the world the finger for the day, stay in and hangout, you can keep your phone, lighters, remotes and other semi important stuff close. But if you decide to go for a run, you can keep your music device in your Pockie. Going on a trip to the medina in Marrakech? Hell of a pickpocket that gets in your pants and steals your passport. Halloween party but your kim Jong-un outfit has no pockets? Just wear some Pockies. So by adding functionality to comfort we provide you with man’s most important universal right: Freedom.